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All Hamerican Pig Show - Back All Hamerican Pig Show - Cover
All Hamerican Pig Show - Side A All Hamerican Pig Show - Side B

All Hamerican Pig Show - Tin Cover All Hamerican Pig Show - Tin Inside
All Hamerican Pig Show - DVD

PIG - All Hamerican Pig Show IA000

All Hamerican Tour USA 2006
1. Suck Spit Shit
2. The Only Good One's A Dead One
3. Situation
4. The Sick
5. Everything
6. No One Gets Out Of Her Alive
7. Secret Skin
8. One Meatball
9. Ojo Por Ojo / Blades
10. Vitriol, Vice & Virtue
11. Wrecked
12. Find It, Fuck It, Forget It
13. Hot Hole

Energy Void / Zepp Osaka 1999
1. Serial Killer Thriller
2. The Only Good One's A Dead One
3. Everything
4. No One Gets Out Of Her Alive
5. Flesh Fest
6. Disrupt, Degrade & Devastate
7. Secret Skin
8. Find It, Fuck It, Forget It
9. Ojo Por Ojo / Wrecked
10. Hot Hole

1. Painiac
2. Everything

This isn't a full-fledged I, Absentee release, rather a project produced in part by the label. Filmed in 2006 initially as a freelance project, a lengthy post-production period extended it into the company's formation, where it was completed through the label. Given its origins pre-dating the imprint's first release, it was assigned the catalogue number "IA000". Though it was completed in early 2008, audio issues, as well as lack of financing resulted in the video remaining unreleased to the public. In the years that followed, I, Absentee circulated around ten copies privately to close friends and tour crew, as a DVDr with full artwork (traces of the original art appear on the 2011 DVD's menu screen).

In 2010, a freelance artist/designer purposed the idea of overseeing a publicly-released DVD, to be financed through fan pre-orders. With no satisfactory resolutions to the audio issues, it was decided a bootleg release was the best way to present the project. I, Absentee forwarded the complete materials of the video for the 2011 incarnation of the project. This was further coupled with a PIG performance from Japan in 1999 and two music videos, none of which I, Absentee had involvement in. The collective content was packaged and shipped to fans, emancipated from I, Absentee and PIG, yet fully acknowledged by both parties. The five year postponement of public release, which involved countless logistical issues, came to a conclusion through this obfuscated avenue and in very limited quantities, as a means to finally deliver the oft-requested footage to the fans.

The All Hamerican Pig Tour 2006:
For "ZuZu"
Directed, shot and edited by Sean Lambert
Produced by Alejandra "ZuZu" Stewart, Raymond Watts, Sean Lambert
Additional footage (Williamsville, NY) shot by Jaekwon Shep

Vocals - Raymond Watts
Guitar - Günter Schulz
Guitar - Jason Knotek
Drums - Angel Bartolotta
Additional Vocals - Charlie M.
Additional Vocals - Kara Hill

Tour Mananagement - Alejandra "ZuZu" Stewart
Sound Engineer - Ben "Beneficial"
Videographer - Sean Lambert
Booking - Jenafur Schlangen @ InYurFace

2006 Internet Teaser - Aaron Abt

6/5/06 Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Culture Room
6/6/06 Tampa, FL - Empire
6/7/06 Tallahassee, FL - Beta Bar
6/9/06 Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade (Heaven)
6/11/06 Charlotte, NC - Tremont Music Hall
6/12/06 Raleigh, NC - The Brewery
6/13/06 Baltimore, MD - Club Mate
6/14/06 West Springfield, VA - Jaxx Concert Hall
6/15/06 Lancaster, PA - Chameleon Club
6/16/06 Allentown, PA - Sterling Rock Room
6/17/06 New York, NY - Albion Downtime
6/18/06 Chelmsford, MA - Reflections
6/19/06 Hartford, CT - Webster Theatre
6/20/06 Williamsville, NY - Club Infinity
6/22/06 Detroit, MI - I-Rock
6/23/06 Cleveland, OH - Peabody's Down Under
6/25/06 Toledo, OH - Club Rain
6/27/06 Columbus, OH - The High Five
6/28/06 Chicago, IL - Logan Square Auditorium

Special Thanks:
Mindless Faith
Digital Mindy

The filmmaker would like to thank:
Raymond Watts
Carrie Kuyper
Aaron Abt
Matt Capocci
Stonekap Productions - Canton, Ohio
Johnny Blackchurch
Angel, Günter, Jason and the crew


Williamsville, NY footage (c) 2006 Jaekwon Shep
All other footage (c) 2006 Sean Lambert / Raymond Watts

Released: July 2011. A live bootleg DVD documentary of PIG's 2006 US tour, combined with a Japanese performance from 1999 and some bonus music videos. Released in two editions; a limited "art" version (77 copies), or a deluxe, limited tin (33 copies). Both editions are hand-numbered and include pins, stickers and a logo patch.

© I, Absentee