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Boozhownd Doggonit - Cover Boozhownd Doggonit - Back
Boozhownd Doggonit - CD

Boozhownd Doggonit - Boozhownd Doggonit IA004

1. Cash + Cryps
2. Dirty Bitches
3. Floating Brain
4. Bleeding Gum Sores
5. Blast Past
6. I Like Picken Up Stuff
7. Boozhownd
8. Blades Are For Pimps
9. Cuppler Boobies
10. Undermind
11. Plomb De La Klum

Music produced by Tom Drury
Edited by Warren Kroll
Photo done by Cris Drury

"This album reeks of big cocaine laced blunts and garbage meatloaf. ...the audible equivalent of riding in a diamond coated Cadillac with a leaking nitrous tank." - Dorosoto

"Music made for a pimpin' good time. Like the combination of a trout and a mackerel, Tom has managed to cross two worlds of sound that are both edgy and sporadic. He spends a fair amont of time enjoying the great outdoors and it comes out in the songs." - 21 Jumpsuit

"From the moment you begin playing this album it will forever change your life. Grape drink will taste much more purple, lung capacity will greatly increase and water will no longer satisfy your thirst the way a 40oz will." - Mall Security

Released: June 2, 2008. Debut album of off-time, experimental electronica from Boozhownd Doggonit, aka Tom Drury.

Physical format CDr (prices include shipping)

United States - $8.00
Worldwide - $10.00

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