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Alpha Aesar - Back Alpha Aesar - Cover
Alpha Aesar - CD

Alpha Aesar - Alpha Aesar IA008

1. White Shirts
2. Synthetic Sun
3. #674
4. Shallow Colors
5. Kitten With A Gold Watch
6. Milk And Honey
7. Puppy
8. Running Through A Stream
9. Red Eyed Love
10. Genie
11. Spinning Wheel
12. Sharp Cut
13. Glimpse Of Fashion
14. Tension Modulator
15. Puppy (Reprise) By Dorosoto
16. Glimpse Of Fashion (Magnum Hat On The Runway Remix) By Mall Security
17. Synthetic Sun (Nuclear Winter Remix) By Lowfish
18. #674 (Ninja Suit Remix) By 21 Jumpsuit
19. Synthetic Sun (Sun Dub Edit) By Coppice Halifax
20. Milk And Honey (Binary Nectar Remix) By The Red Falcon Projects

Written and produced by Alpha Aesar
1-14 recorded between 1999-2001
Original tape transfer and digital mastering by Warren Kroll and Steve Lutes
Mastered by Jeff Mohler at RCPTCL Recordings

Released: September 5, 2008. Early music of Warren Kroll (Dorosoto, Forrest) and Carl States (21 Jumpsuit, Speed Control Head), recorded circa late 1990s. Complete retrospective featuring every track ever recorded by the duo, as well as new remixes.

Physical format CDr (prices include shipping)

United States - $10.00
Worldwide - $12.00

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