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The Earth Trembled - Cover The Earth Trembled - Back
The Earth Trembled - Tray The Earth Trembled - CD

D.D. NewMole - The Earth Trembled IA009

1. D.D.'s Coming
2. Misty Eyes Crystalize
3. Don't Go Away
4. Me Oh Me Stylez
5. Trizoux
6. You're My Cure
7. Lamp Post Glow
8. Tendracopia
9. Bass Nagual
10. Composite F
11. Field Day
12. Rare White Albino
13. The Earth Trembled
14. Weak Wind

All material produced and recorded by Dan Petrarca between 2000 and 2008.
All visual stimuli and design by Dan Petrarca.
Dedicated to Curtis Von Gunten a.k.a. "Gramps"

"It side steps the regular, dance floor oriented and adds sounds to the genre which I think are pretty extraordinary." - Vital Weekly, September 2008

"D.D. Newmole's album for I, Absentee is a real fest of pottyness mixed with a true sense of melody and song structure. Cool arrangements and tons of background samples and sounds combine with some fresh, quirky and at times completely out there moments. Something a little different then and for fans of the likes of Dat Politics or Plug Research definitely one to check." - Smallfish

Released: October 1, 2008. Debut album of Dan Petrarca, recorded over a span of eight years.

Physical format CDr (prices include shipping)

United States - $10.00
Worldwide - $12.00

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