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Career Retrospective - Back Career Retrospective - Cover
Career Retrospective - Side A Career Retrospective - Side B
Career Retrospective - Side C Career Retrospective - Side D
Career Retrospective - CD

Plantains - Career Retrospective IA038

1. Plantains Theme Tune
2. Hey Giorgio
3. Desperate Connection
4. Make Yr Move
5. Lament Of The London Bourgeoisie
6. Pop Iconography (Part II)
7. Love In Three Dimensions
8. New Wave Girl
9. I Listen To The Plantains
10. Bring On The Boys
11. I Feel Love
12. I Listen To The Plantains (Eurotrash Mix By GD Luxxe)

Plantains are Nicklcat (Nick Hallett) and Mitgang Bevilacqua (Ray Sweeten)
Music and lyrics by Nick Hallett, electronic arrangements by Ray Sweeten
Mastered by The Analog Botanist
Track 11 by Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte, Donna Summer
Tracks 2-4, 7-10 produced by Danny Blume at GoodandEvil, 2004
Tracks 1, 5, 6 produced by Joel Hamburger at Gödelstring, 2001-2002
Track 6 remix by Ray Sweeten, guest vocals: Keisha Hutchins
Track 11 produced by Ray Sweeten, 2004 as the soundtrack to "I Feel Love", a film by Matt Wolf
Cover imagery and design: Seth Kirby
Photo credits: S Mancilla, Peter Ment, Kate Scott and Seth Kirby

"In each era, everybody has their guilty-pleasure band. During the new wave/post punk '80s, mine was Erasure. And the Plantains, whether they mean to satirize or praise, revive that sort of electro-depravity right down to the falsetto and synthesized beats." - Village Voice

"Many groups impersonate British new wave acts from the '80s, but very few do it as convincingly, or as hilariously, as the Plantains. It's not just the accents that put singers-programmers Nicklcat and Mitgang over the top, it's the whole Eurotrash package - the looks, the hooks, and most importantly, the 'tude." - Village Voice

"Totally ridiculous." - NME

"Mock serious vocals with infectious synths." - DJ Magazine

"Clever electro-cabaret" - Time Out New York

"I Feel Love" - Tune of the Week - Tribeca Film.

Featured in the trailer for Paramount Pictures' "Men, Women & Children," directed by Jason Reitman.

Released: October 26, 2010. The better part of a decade after their height in the New York City electro scene, the long-lost Plantains recordings finally see the light of day with "Career Retrospective", a collection of the band's finest cuts and unheard gems.

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Worldwide - $12.00

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