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Senescence - Back Senescence - Cover
Senescence - Side A Senescence - Side B
Senescence - CD

Forrest - Senescence IA053

1. Still Sun Through Fog
2. Indiana Burn
3. Still Dust Through Light
4. Quilted Pillows
5. The Basement Light
6. Figures (Fall Of The Good Leader)
7. Sleeping Sill

All music performed and recorded by Warren Forrest Kroll 2007 - 2009.
Mastered by The Analog Botanist. analogbotany.com
Photography and design by Eric Adrian Lee.

1 - 3 originally appeared on the "Indiana Burn" EP (U-Cover, u-cdm 20).
4 - 6 originally appeared on the "Swepstone Songs" EP (I, Absentee, IA006).
7 originally appeared on the "Sleeping Snakes" EP (Actual Archives).

Thank you to Sean, Koen, Keith F., Mike T., Dave and Square Records, Steve L., Chris D., Ian Hawgood, Jason Bryant and Eric L.

Released: Apr. 01, 2014. Forrest recollects his EPs as "Senescence," released in prior, standalone incarnations as "Indiana Burn" (previously EU only), "Swepstone Songs" (previously out of print) and "Sleeping Snakes" (previously digital only). Remastered on CD, featuring new artwork, packaged in a UV coated digipak.

Physical format CD (prices include shipping)

United States - $10.00
Worldwide - $15.00
USA / International

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