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Voyager Meditations - Back Voyager Meditations - Cover
Voyager Meditations - Inside 1 Voyager Meditations - Inside 2
Voyager Meditations - Side A Voyager Meditations - Side B

Magic Arrows - Voyager Meditations IA054

1. Timeless 1
2. Goldsmith
3. Resolutions
4. Night Void
5. Goldsmith 2
6. Timeless 4
7. Resolutions 2
8. Endgame

Magic Arrows is Scott Beschta
Mastered by Byron Christ
Thanks to: Star Trek, NASA and Biosphere
Original photography by Scott Beschta
Design and layout by Eric Adrian Lee
Duplicated and packaged in Portland, OR by Wil-Ru Records

Note: Track 8 is exclusive to the cassette edition.

Released: June 09, 2014. Magic Arrows presents his most subtle effort to date, "Voyager Meditation," an ambient odyssey available in two editions, both designed specifically for their format. The digital edition features separated tracks, while the cassette edition features cross-faded tracks, along with a bonus outro loop. Cassette edition is limited to 50 copies, packaged in a custom amaray case.

Physical format cassette (prices include shipping)

United States - $9.00
Worldwide - $14.00

Digital versions:
320kbps MP3, FLAC, MP3 VBR (V0), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC


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