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Since 2005, Warren Kroll has been recording solo output under the name of Dorosoto. He began recording with Carl States (21 Jumpsuit) in the late 1990s, as Alpha Aesar. In the early part of the decade, WKInc marked the beginnings of his solo ventures. With many drafts, sketches and beats formulated through those years, Dorosoto ultimately emerged as the sound he'd been striving to find. First came the self-released "EP1," passed out amongst friends. It marked a new venture into lush, ambient soundscapes, with downtempo beats and melodies woven throughout. Soon after, Dorosoto emerged with a remix of Black Moth Super Rainbow's "Lost, Picking Flowers In The Woods," which appeared for a limited time on the Black Moth website, before ultimately surfacing on our "Birth Certificate" compilation. In 2008, Dorosoto fully came into stride with the release of his "Hypnotic Gyre" EP, which marked our debut I, Absentee release. He capped off the year with "White Noise Fury," his collaboration with Power Pill Fist. 2009 saw the release of the "Sounds Look Similar" and "Rarefied Audio" 3" EPs (the latter recollected most of his original "EP1" tracks). He capped off the year with the "Embryonic Audio Restoration" remix disc, featuring Tobacco (Ghostly International), Anders Ilar (Merck), Ontayso (U-Cover), Joseph Auer (Boltfish) and many more.

Kroll then devoted much of his time to his other projects, including LPs as The Red Falcon Projects and High Tides (alongside Mall Security) for Dilated Time and Rad Cult respectively, Lantscap (alongside Ian Hawgood) for Infraction and as his ambient alter-ego, Forrest, for I, Absentee. He also appeared with tracks for labels such as Home Normal, Dragon's Eye Recordings and Wil-Ru Records. 2014 saw him return to Dorosoto, with an electro album, "Maxtoon Physics" for Illuminated Paths. He followed with an album of om, "Adernoleen" for Tobacco's Rad Cult label.

Hypnotic Gyre (IA001)
Sounds Look Similar (IA015)
Rarefied Audio (IA019)
Embryonic Audio Restoration (IA022)

Birth Certificate (IA005) (remix)
Anyteazers/Swepstone Songs (IA006) (split with Moustache Mountain, under Forrest alias)
Alpha Aesar (IA008) (half of duo alongside 21 Jumpsuit, also features Dorosoto remix)
Space Program (IA011) (remix)
Ice Warz '85 (IA021) (half of duo alongside Mall Security)
Simple Circuits (IA027) (remix)
Biocore 3 (IA035) (part of trio, alongside 21 Jumpsuit and Mall Security)
Truth Serum (IA040) (exclusive track under Forrest alias)
Summer Sounds Asleep (IA052) (under Forrest alias, also includes Dorosoto remixes)
Senescence (IA053) (under Forrest alias)

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