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Forrest is the solo work of Warren Kroll (a.k.a. Dorosoto). He released the "Summer Sounds Asleep" album on U-Cover in 2007 to critical acclaim and capped off the year with the follow-up "Indiana Burn" EP. In 2008, Warren brought Forrest to I, Absentee for a split with Moustache Mountain, "Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs," limited to a mere 25 copies. The release was picked up by U-Cover for an expanded version, featuring a new chapter by Ontayso.

Appearing on labels such as Infraction, Home Normal and Rad Cult, as well as having notable collaborations with Ian Hawgood as Lantscap and Christopher Detrieux as Vizion Centaur, Forrest returned in 2014 with remastered reissues of his previous material, "Summer Sounds Asleep" and "Senescence," the latter compiling his EP releases to date. After remixing Milieu (Brian Grainger, Coppice Halifax) and Biathalon. In 2014, Forrest emerged with a new album, "Beyond The Withered Hills" the debut LP on I, Absentee. Recorded over a span of six years, it stands as the quintessential release of his oeuvre

Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs (IA006)
Summer Sounds Asleep (IA052)
Senescence (IA053)
Beyond The Withered Hills (IA050)

Hypnotic Gyre (IA001) (under Dorosoto alias)
Sounds Look Similar (IA015) (under Dorosoto alias)
Rarefied Audio (IA019) (under Dorosoto alias)
Embryonic Audio Restoration (IA022) (under Dorosoto alias)
Night Creature (IA024) (collaboration with Boozhownd Doggonit)
Truth Serum (IA040) (exclusive track)
Epochalypse (IA044) (collaboration with Christopher Detrieux as Vizion Centaur)

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