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Lunar Testing Lab

Lunar Testing Lab

Lunar Testing Lab is Eric Watson of Western Pennsylvania. A massive vinyl enthusiast, Eric began Lunar Testing Lab around 2004, frequently making signature use of shortwave radios, alongside his vast sampling prowess. Finding obscure rhythms from his deep collection of jazz, lounge, soul, funk, electronic and more, LTL first surfaced as a part of Black Moth Super Rainbow's MP3 remix series, alongside acts such as Milieu and Dorosoto. He then appeared on our "Birth Certificate" compilation. A full-length for the label, "Space Program," was completed and released in 2008. The album was book-ended by a pair of self-released companion discs; "Space Debris" and "Space Transmission," which were combined and reissued in 2013 by I, Absentee. In 2009, LTL was the subject of the third installment of I, Absentee's "The Twilight Fires" remix series, while 2010 saw the release of his sophomore album "Surveillance Tapes," which marked a darker turn in his sound. Eric also owns and curates Secret Station Records, where he has released numerous additional LTL titles, such as "Seashore Blvd", and "Unauthorized Frequencies". In 2016, Lunar Testing Lab returned to I, Absentee with his first new material for the label in six years, "Signalling The Stars." I, Absentee also marked the occasion with digital reissues of his Secret Station albums "Nightmusik," "The Winter Void," "Into The Dark Distance" and "The Alvord Expanse," via our sister label, Silverback Anarch.

Space Program (IA011)
The Twilight Fires: Volume Three (IA023)
Surveillance Tapes (IA032)
Space Debris / Space Transmission (IA051)
Signalling The Stars (IA059)

Birth Certificate (IA005) (exclusive track)
Embryonic Audio Restoration (IA022) (remix)

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