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Magic Arrows

Magic Arrows

Magic Arrows is Scott Beschta of Fredonia, Wisconsin. Scott began recording in the 1990s, playing as a member of the bands Ceilishrine, The Promise Ring, Pele and Telecognac. He joined up with Casino Versus Japan in 1998 to create duo Roommates (the name referring to the fact the two were actual roommates at the time). A Roommates 7" and 12" were released in 1999 on the Wobblyhead label. He then launched Magic Arrows, a solo venture in downtempo and ambient soundscapes. The first outing under the monicker came with the 2002 self-titled debut album, released on Beschta's own Lion Records. A follow-up album, "The Theme," came in 2004 (reissued in 2013 on Earstroke). That same year, a split 7" with String Theory was released through Wobblyhead. In 2005 he followed with his breakthrough album, "Sweet Heavenly Angel Of Death."

"After Rain" was recorded in 2006, which remained unreleased until 2010, when it finally surfaced via Earstroke Records. Beschta then began work on his debut for I, Absentee; "Zeta Grey". The origins rooted back to 2000, when he co-wrote a track with Signaldrift's Franz Buchholtz and Telecognac's Jon Mueller, called "Ray Of Lights." That track inspired him to eventually begin the Zeta sessions in 2006. Also influenced by the search for alien life, sci-fi movies from the minds of Speilberg, Lucas and more, the album became something of an obsession. Beschta quit his job and recorded all-night sessions for a year straight. The result of this strange odyssey became "Zeta Grey", initially a staggering triple disc concept album. After a slight reassignment of two tracks (noted below), the album was pruned into a fully loaded double album. After following up "Zeta Grey" with releases on Wil-Ru Records, Earstroke and Illuminated Paths, as well as a collaboration with Roger Time (Time Constant) under the name Buenos Aires, Magic Arrows returned to I, Absentee in 2014 with a new album, "Voyager Meditations."

Zeta Grey (IA041)
Voyager Meditations (IA054)

24 / 7 Bermuda Triangle (IA013) (unreleased track from the "Zeta Grey" sessions)
Truth Serum (IA040) (exclusive track from the "Zeta Grey" sessions)

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