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Moustache Mountain

Moustache Mountain

Moustache Mountain is Mike Tolan of Chicago, IL, by way of Akron, Ohio. Mike is an accomplished guitarist, recording and touring extensively as a member of The Six Parts Seven (Suicide Squeeze). He also has his own indie-rock outfit, Talons', which is likewise part of the I, Absentee roster. Moustache Mountain (the misspelling is intentional) is Mike's solo ambient outlet. He's been recording under the name for years, frequently self-releasing hand-made 3"s and CDrs in extremely small quantities, often known as his "Accidental Music" series. In 2008, he completed a split double 3" with his friend Warren Kroll, better known as Forrest. It was brought to I, Absentee, which preserved the spirit of both artists' past self-released packages. "Anyteazers / Swepstone Songs" was an entirely hand-made affair, limited to a mere 25 copies. A bigger, combined release was agreed upon by all the parties, and soon after U-Cover picked up the split for European release, adding on a new installment from Ontayso. A second, digital split with Forrest, entitled "Sleeping Snakes" surfaced online in 2009. Mike continues to record Moustache Mountain and Talons' material, as well as Supersorms, which was released as an LP via Experimedia.

Anyteazers/Swepstone Songs (IA006) (split with Forrest)

24/7 Bermuda Triangle (IA013) (unreleased Moustache Mountain and Talons' tracks)
Dubai (IA026) (featuring Moustache Mountain fronting his Talons' band)

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