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Vizion Centaur

Vizion Centaur

Vizion Centaur is the duo of Warren Kroll and Christopher Dutrieux of South Bend, Indiana. Warren Kroll's solo output has come out as Dorosoto and Forrest for the U-Cover and I, Absentee labels, while a collaboration with Ian Hawgood, called lantscap, is set for future release via Infraction Records. Chris Dutrieux has been a guitarist for fifteen years, working in the experimental scene and releasing numerous self-made cassette tapes. He recently contributed to a compilation for Permanent Records.

Finding a common interest in guitar and effect pedal based ambient music, their sound took shape in the form of Vizion Centaur. After several productive recording sessions together, the duo spawned a pair of albums in the same year. The first, "Space", found it's way onto Brian Granger and David Tagg's Install imprint, as part of their "Installation Series". The second album, "Epochalypse" arrived as their debut through I, Absentee. The album was mastered by TW Walsh (Graveface), with hand-drawn artwork by Arkron, OH artist Matt Horak. Containing two tracks which clock in at nearly thirty minutes apiece, "Epocalypse" is a stunning journey into other-worldly nuance and subtle experimentalism. They followed this with a third album "Omens Of The Celestial Tomb" in 2013.

Epochalypse (IA044)

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