SOW is the musical output of Anna Wildmith. Originating in Berlin in the late 1980s, SOW was born in an apartment space alongside Raymond Watts (PIG). The first material was set unto the masses in the form of the Manripe 12", via Yellow Ltd. Anna's unique take on the written word, combined with the production and songwriting of Watts, lead to a harsh and blistering debut. From there, Anna would guest on many of PIG's now-classic releases, such as Praise The Lard, A Stroll In The Pork, Sinsation and several others.

In 1994, SOW's debut full-length, entitled Je M'Aime, was finally completed. Initially released on the German Hyperium label, the album showcased Anna's unique spoken word abilities, alongside music from Watts, J.G. Thrilwell (Foetus, Manorexia, Wiseblood) and Jon Caffery (Kids On TV, Einstürzende Neubauten, 2-Kut). SOW's whispers, screams, monologues and singing, which alternated between French and English languages, clashed over sounds from some of the most esteemed and respected experimental musicians of the era. The album would be given a US re-release in 1999, dubbed 'PIG & SOW' for Invisible Records.

1998's Sick revealed a maturity in sounds from the more harsh assaults of Je M'Aime. The album arrived via Blue Noise/D:Pop (Japan) and Martin Atkins' Invisible Records (USA). Commissioning tracks from an incredible line-up from around the world, Sick featured the likes of Sascha Konietzko (KMFDM), Rob Henry (Euphonic), Günter Schulz (Slick Idiot, KMFDM, Pig), Martin King (Test Dept.), Hoppy Kamiyama (Optical 8) and Raymond Watts (PIG, KMFDM, Schaft, Schwein), who also produced the album. The material was a melting pot of rock, electronic, experimental, traditional and everything in between - all brought together by Wildsmith's distinct lyrical and vocal style. Many considered it one 1998's best albums. SOW supported it with a US tour opening for Martin Atkins' legendary industrial supergroup Pigface (Anna also sang in the Pigface line-up for the shows).

Anna had a pair of notable appearances in the following years, with guest vox on PIG's Genuine American Monster in 1999 (singing in Japanese for the first time) and H3llb3nt's 2001 album, Hardcore Vanilla, alongside Jared Louche (Chemlab), Bryan Black (MOTOR, XLOVER, haloblack) and Eric Powell (16 Volt). In 2002, two new SOW tracks, No Candy and My House, appeared on thesickcity's internet-only compilation, Volume One. These tracks were the first glimpses into her long-awaiting third album, Dog. The songs once again presented an entirely new dimension to SOW's ever-evolving sound.

After a long decade of near silence, SOW is finally gearing up for a highly anticipated return with Dog. The material is once again produced by Raymond Watts, with music from PIG and Euphonic. It is her most accomplished album to date and is poised to become a one of the most genre-defying, standout releases in years. Dog will definitely prove to be worth the wait!

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