Writing: MySpace/Facebook Fan Q&A

The following is a Q&A conducted via the Sow MySpace and Facebook pages, with questions from fans answered personally by Anna Wildsmith.

Q: The themes and issues you have dealt with on your previous albums have been quite heavy and hard hitting (The World Is My Oyster for example), can we expect a similar offering on Dog?

A: Yes, but with a different vibe.

Q: Will Dog be given an international release? I'm in Australia and its reeeeeally difficult to get decent music down here.

A: I hope so.

Q: Is there any chance of getting an official Sow website in addition to that lovely new Myspace? I started a fan forum but it doesn't seem to be getting much traffic... I'd settle for a Twitter page though.

A: Possibly –thanks for your support.

Q: Would you ever do a tour with raymond performing yours and the collection of song's you performed with pig?

A: Never – I cherish my personal relationship with Raymond too much.

Q: So in that Coilhouse interview they included video stills, if there's going to be a new music video can we also look forward to T-shirts or maybe some new posters? A new poster to keep my Sick poster company would take the sting off there not being a tour :)

A: I will try to not let you down.

Q: Do you know if any recordings of your performances during the Pigface tour exist? I'd love to see those.

A: I know for sure that we were filmed at “The house of blues” in Chicago, but unfortunately, I have no idea of who was responsible for it nor how to get hold of the film. I would love to see the footage so if you want to investigate, please feel free to do so.

Q: How's the book coming along?

A: Slowly. I am too busy plastering my walls.

Q: I read the short story on the Sow Myspace and thought it was amazing. Even if you end up not publishing a them of it you should totally post some more stories for fans to read. Care to describe your writing process a bit? I seem to recall you saying you use fictional characters in your songs but draw upon real life experience, is writing stories any different from that for you?

A: My writing process, being so very personal, varies from day to day, however the main ingredients remain: discipline, rigor and hours of work.

Q: As well as the one you mentioned working on in the Coilhouse interview, I've seen an older interview saying you've already put out some children's books. Which ones and where can I buy them?

A: You were mis-informed. I attempted writing and illustrating a couple of children’s books many years ago, but failed in getting them published. Perhaps you confused me with my sister Rebecca or my father Brian, both renowned artists in that field.

Q: I'm terribly sorry to hear about Buster, but do you have any other pets you'd care to tell us about?

A: Buster is dead but forever living in my heart and I will never, ever replace him.

Q: I read an interview with Nicole Blackman where she said you had opened a restaurant at some point, could you tell us about that?

A: Our paths have never crossed, but Nicole, I know, is dear to Raymond’s heart and any friend of Raymond’s is a friend of mine. Nicole was right, but that was a long time ago. I gave up cooking ‘cos it was worse than Rock N’Roll.

Q: I'd seen Simon's art before, but until that last interview I had no clue he was your brother. Do you have any other siblings and does talent just run in your family or something?

A: I hate to brag, but indeed, my father Brian Wildsmith is a well-known children’s writer and illustrator and my sister Rebecca has followed in his footsteps.

Q: You've done songs in several different languages and you've said you're half French so I'm just wondering, what language do you think in?

A: Both. I have never known where I belong.

Q: Are there any unreleased Sow tracks from over the years? If so, is there any chance we'll ever hear those?

A: Yes, and perhaps.

Q: What are your personal favorite songs you've done?

A: Every single one of them, otherwise I would never had had them released.

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