Discog: Various Artists - thesickcity - Volume One

1. Pig - Suck Spit Shit
2. Pig - Take
3. haloblack - Punch The Deck (Dirty)
4. haloblack - Vapour
5. Sow - No Candy
6. Sow - My House [clip]
7. Pig Orchestra - Are 'Friends' Electric?
8. Pig Orchestra - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
9. The Sick - Hard

These songs both appear on the album 'Dog', with 'No Candy' retitled 'More Candy'.
This was a compilation put together by Bryan Black, representing 'The Sick City' website, which was a community site for Pig, Sow, haloblack, h3llb3nt and Pig Orchestra circa 2000. The CD was limited to 1000 copies.

No Candy: Recorded and mixed at Studio Unknown. Music written and recorded by Rob Henry for Euphonic Productions. Vocals written and performed by Anna Wildsmith.
My House: Produced and mixed at Ranch Apocalypse by Raymond Watts. Vocals written and performed by Anna Wildsmith. Music written and performed by Raymond Watts.

Label info:
Catalog number: CAT0202
Country: UK
Format: CD
Release date: February 27, 2002
Out of print

2010 I, Absentee