Discog: Je M'Aime

1. The Rock [clip]
2. The World Is My Oyster
3. Face Of Suede [clip]
4. Blood Sucking Bitch
5. Je M'Aime [clip]
6. Gentille Petite Fille
7. Manripe

Complete lyrics available here

Produced by Raymond Watts
All vocals written and performed by Anna Wildsmith
All music written and performed by Raymond Watts
Except "Blood-Sucking Bitch" by J.G. Thirlwell and Raymond Watts
"The World Is My Oyster" by Mike Watts and Raymond Watts
Recorded and mixed by Raymond Watts at Ranch Apocalypse, London
Except "Manripe" mixed by Jon Caffery at Voov Berlin
Saxaphone on "Je M'Aime" by Benedict Owen
Design by Gerald Ivall (Pile Robert Kelly Limited)
Additional production and CD design (USA) by Iconiklastique Design Klinik, LLC
847.551.0253 - e-mail@idk-a-ok.com - www.idk-a-ok.com
Cover photography (Germany) by Andrew Heaps
Cover design (USA) by Steven Lovell-Davis
Additional photography (in order of appearance)
Martin Thompson, Fernando Arias, and Dominique Lutier

Label info:
Hyperium/Rough Trade
Catalog number: LC 6821/3910093242
Country: Germany
Format: CD
Release date: 1994
Out of print

Invisible Records
Catalog number: INV 144 CD
Country: USA
Format: CD
Release date: 1999
Re-released as 'Pig & Sow'

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