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1. Manripe [clip]
2. 4 Years Old / Found In The Lake [clip]

Complete lyrics available here

A 1989 press release from Yellow/EFA is available here

Words written and performed by: Anna Wildsmith
Music written and performed by: Pig
Produced by: R.G. Watts & Sow, Berlin 1989
"Manripe" mixed by Jon Caffery
Cover by Mike Matthews
(c) 1989 Edition Yellow Works
(p) 1989 Yellow Ltd.

Label info:
Yellow Ltd.
Catalog number: EFA 02245
Country: Germany
Format: 12"
Release date: 1989
Side B is listed as '4 Years Old' on the label, 'Found In The Lake' on the sleeve and '4 Years Old Found In The Lake' on the lyric sheet
Out of print

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