Lyrics: Manripe


4 Years Old / Found In The Lake


Look at them...
Dribbling drooling leering peering
Sweating pints Of acrid lust
Listen to them:
Sneering, jeering, jibing,
Vibing every little kitten
That comes their way.

Do you really want to go out there
And meet the species?
They'll love you for it
You're just up their street
Two hills
Two holes
A real treat
Two of each kind
Dig up holes
Smother those hills
Dig up those holes
No-one's gonna know who dunnit

I know them:
S for "Slimey"
C for "Cock"
U for "Ugly" "Unsavoury" "Unneccessary" "Unsafe"
M for... well, you know them don't you

I won't hurt you
I'll take care of you
No harm will come to you
Now you're mine
Neo-natal neurosis
Never wanna give you up
Was gonna give you to the world one day
But the world was full of muck


"Check the chick with the sexy voice"
"And the silky shiny hair"
"Those legs... they just go on forever...!"
"And those buttocks... what a pair"


"Firm pert rounded little titties"
"Eyes open wide"
"Wanna strap her down...
Wanna fill her up
Wanna burst her from inside"

Won't hurt you
Love you
Protect you
The world outside
Neo-natal neurosis
Never wanna give you up
Was gonna give you to the world one day
But the world was full of muck

Succulent isn't she
I love the way she moves
Wanna watch her
Smell her
Have her near
Wanna whisper in her ear
Bushy, Bushy, quite contrary
What does your garden hide?
"All the fruits pink and soft and juicy
That only my mummy can find"
She's mine
She's mine

4 Years Old / Found In The Lake

Playing with Polly
The plastic dolly
Sunday... a walk in the park
Tea will Polly under a tree
Laughing with Polly
Getting sticky with Polly and
Cream buns...
Telling Polly about
The nice man
We're going back to his house
To watch Tom and Jerry on the telly
He's no stranger
He's my long lost uncle from America
He told me so
Mummy won't mind
He'll drive us home
She'll be so happy
To see her brother again
She'll hug and kiss him and maybe she'll
Ask him to stay for dinner
Used a winch to lift her out
Took so long to get it right
Boredom... chit-chat...
Haven't seen you for years
Weather's bad... cold fingers...
Short show... long finale...
Bloated greyish blob of flesh-like
Blubber slumped on a stretcher dripping
No-one touches it
It won't move
She'd been playing with Polly
He'd been playing with her
Now she looked just like Polly
Only she was full of water... not air
And yeah... half her cunt was missing.
She was only four.

2010 I, Absentee