Writing: Manripe Press Release


SOW is ANNA WILDSMITH, a lusty beast from the Basque country with a faible for disturbing frames of mind. At 13, she developed an obsession for blood-letting and at 15 was caught manipulating small boys with dentistry tools in the forests near her home. It was a much publicized case and for a year Anna did not speak a word. Her despaired parents decided to place her within the walls of a french convent. Deranged by the effects of Anna's newly discovered vocal chords, the mother superior personally chastised her, motivating a resurgence within Anna's wickedly rebellious enzymes, so she ran away to Paris to give lessons in vocally transmitted sexual hedonism. Anna's famous activities led to her voluntary incarceration in a psychiatric clinic, where she was successfully diagnosed as suffering from Erotomania. Anna discharged herself and certificate in hand, went to hunt the streets of Berlin. Roumors of her powers of seduction and unique anatomical expertise soon come to the ears of one RAYMOND GEORGE WATTS alias PIG and celebrated musical megalomaniac. PIG MATES SOW - MANRIPE IS BORN - A CULMINATION OF 2 WEEKS IN HELL - THE COLLABORATION OF THE 90'S - EAT IT.

2010 I, Absentee