Dog Mar. 16, 2010
Dog is officially released today, marking the culmination of a 12 year campaign by Anna Wildsmith to create this album. All pre-orders have shipped and any CD purchases of the album will ship immediately from here forward. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon (CD or MP3) and most digital retailers. If your local indie shop doesn't carry it, feel free to request they do so. Most should be able to special order and carry it in stock.

In addition to selling the CD directly, we have direct 320 kbps downloads available. If you purchase, you'll be e-mailed a code, good for one download. If you run into any problems, just let us know and we'll quickly resolve it. We hope you enjoy the fruits of this long journey. Be sure to tell your friends about the album and spread the word as far and wide as you can. Thank you for your dedication and support!

Dogs, drugs, living in space.

Victim Feb. 16, 2010
As the wait for Dog winds down, we have a couple things to hold fans over. The first is a new track, 'Victim'. This song comes from the Dog sessions, but is not featured on the album. The track is a slow, bluesy twister, running nearly seven minutes in length. Full details below:

SOW - Victim
MP3 - 320kbps - [download]
Words written and performed by Anna Wildsmith
Music written and performed by Raymond Watts
Mastered by Raymond Watts

Euphonic has kindly provided copies of their classic, self-titled 1998 album, for those interested. The album is a diverse array of electronic music, ranging from big beat and dub, to chilled melodies, jungle and acid. The album was made the same year Euphonic collaborated on SOW's Sick album and PIG's Prime Evil EP. It's long been out of circulation and difficult to find. Rob Henry has personally delivered sealed copies, which ship immediately upon purchase. Highly recommended for SOW fans!

USA / International

Euphonic - Euphonic
1. Aerosol
2. Bombscared? [clip]
3. Space In My Soul
4. Revolution / Solution [clip]
5. Cattleprod [clip]
6. Onehelluvanorgan
7. Stakeout
8. 7 Orbits [clip]
9. The Way Of The Exploding Fist
10. Jah Science
11. R.H.Y.T.H.M.
12. Chewin' Marbles
13. Slinky [clip]

All CD pre-orders for Dog will begin shipping in a few weeks, hopefully arriving on or close to the release date. All orders from here or the I, Absentee main website will receive a free 2.5" x 2.5" SOW sticker with their purchase. Thanks to everyone who has already ordered!

DOG - March 16, 2010 Jan. 04, 2010
Twelve long years it's been... March 16, 2010 marks the release of the third Sow album, Dog. You can now pre-order the CD version from us directly, while the digital version will surface closer to the release date, which will include high quality purchase options directly from us.

The I, Absentee label has been working with SOW for about a year to bring everything together. Anna's brother Simon created the artwork for Dog, including many of the graphics found around here. Raymond Watts mastered the album. It's been a very in-house process, start to finish, which you'll hopefully see through the content of this website. We're also in the midst of preparing a wider release of the album. This is simply the initial wave of unrolling everything.

Have a look around. There's plenty to explore. Some of the highlights include:
-The long-awaited new promo video for Crybaby
-A five minute sampler for the new album.
-Two never before seen short stories by Anna, The Building and The Installation.
-Some previously unseen photos, which we were unable to host on facebook/myspace.

Sow - Dog
01. Slap
02. Crybaby
03. Blue Sheets
04. The Kidnapping Of Anna Wildsmith
05. Pornostar
06. Lip
07. More Candy
08. My House
09. Kali
10. Like It Should Be

Sow is Anna Wildsmith with Boys
Boy 1 - Rob Henry
Boy 2 - Raymond Watts
Boy 3 - Mike Watts

Some other recent SOW news items, in case you missed them:
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More to come as we journey further into Dog. Please spread news of the album as far and wide as you can, we could use as much word of mouth as possible. A preemptive thank you to everyone who supports the album and we hope 2010 is a fulfilling year for SOW fans.

2010 I, Absentee