Discog: Sick

1. Ssik [clip]
2. Jo The Lover [clip]
3. Shrub
4. Ego-Head
5. Strip [clip]
6. K-Casino [clip]
7. Wedge
8. Working For God
9. Scar

Complete lyrics available here

Sow is Anna Wildsmith with Boys
Produced by Sow and Raymond Watts at Ranch Apocalypse except:
Shrub - Seattle
K-Casino - Ranch Apocalypse and Tokyo
Scar - British Columbia
All vocals written and performed by Anna Wildsmith
All music written and performed by Boys
Boy 1 - Raymond Watts - Ssik - Ego-Head - Wedge
Boys 2 - Euphonic - Jo The Lover - Strip
Boy 3 - Sascha Konietzko - Shrub
Boys 4 - Hoppy Kamiyama & Optical 8 - K-Casino
Hoppy Kamiyama - digital president, slide geisha, scum tapes, asshole box and gram pot
- master of raucus sounds, Reck - bass, Masafumi Minato - drums, Yui Kmjm - guitar, recorded and
mixed by Yoshiaki Kondo at Gok Sound
Boy 5 - Martin King - Working For God
Boy 6 - Günter Schulz - Scar
Design and photography - Martin Thompson
Thanks go to Yoshi Hoshina and all those who looked after Buster

Label info:
Blue Noise/Noizworks/D:Pop
Catalog number: DRCN-25017
Country: Japan
Format: CD
Release date: 1998
Out of print

Invisible Records
Catalog number: INV 128 CD
Country: USA
Format: CD
Release date: 1998

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